Monday, November 5, 2012

"Ojero: A Character of Culture"

"Ojero: A Character of Culture" is a unique exhibition by Chicago-based artist Sam Kirk that celebrates Dia de los Muertos in an artistic setting exploring the culture surrounding the event as well as cultural icons and notions. Her "Ojero", a version of a calaca, is an original character that she has been working with over the years. We have seen the character develop from the first exhibition at Elephant Room in November of 2009 to a more culturally represented and emotionally accessible version in this exhibition. Sam Kirk continues to surprise us with her new bodies of work and we are excited to be taken along on the adventure! Sam recently exhibited successfully in New York and we look forward to more cities catching on to her unique ability to connect with the viewer through her strong commentary on culture and society along with her technical ability to paint and design. Not to mention that she is set on remaining humble and demonstrates this in her strong support of her fellow artists and galleries! "Ojero: A Character of Culture" will be on exhibition through January 5th, 2013.
The artist, Sam Kirk & visitor, fellow artist & curator Stuart Hall chat it up at the opening!
Thank you to Zoils Oils, Fixed Ear & Jaime Reda for also being a part of this exhibition with their artistry! Thank you also, Cerveza Indio for providing the libations!

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